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Symfony's autowiring

Date: 19 Sep 2017
Tags: [ symfony ]  [ autowire ]  [ magic

When asking people if they use Symfony’s autowiring functionality, an often heard excuse why people don’t use it is because of all the magic that is happening during autowiring. But just like most impressive magic tricks, once explained, it all boils down to a few simple principles and Symfony’s autowiring is nothing different in that perspective. In this blogpost I will explain the new autowiring and autoconfiguration features, and why you should love them.

Write your own GitHub clone

Date: 28 Feb 2016
Tags: [ github ]  [ git

Shower thought: What would it take to write your own GitHub clone? Answer: not that much! I’ve spend a few hours on tinkering with some of the basic concepts, and it turns out it’s actually quite easy to set something up from scratch. And before you all go and write comments that it not feature-complete: yes, I know. But most of them are fairly trivial to implement though, and my goal was to actually see if we can get the foundations up and running. Implementing things like an issue-tracker and webhooks isn’t part of that.

My guide to commenting on joind.in

Date: 17 Dec 2015
Tags: [ joindin

If you are visiting pretty much any (random) PHP conference these days, you will hear a lot of talk about “rating talks on joind.in”. For those not familiar with this site: it’s a site where you can find additional information about the talk (like slides), and where you can leave a rating and/or comment about the talks and conferences that you have attended.

It’s a great way to prepare for an upcoming conference: check out the talks you want to see, and see if the presenter has already given the presentation at another conference and view the rating / comments. This way, you have a good picture (although never the complete picture), of the presentation you are about to see. Also, often presenters will add their slidedeck to talks, so you can actually see what the presentation will look like.

Moving to Jekyll

Date: 11 Dec 2015
Tags: [ Wordpress ]  [ Jekyll

As you might notice, i’ve switched my blogging engine from Wordpress to Jekyll. There are actually a few reasons for this:

Benford's law in frameworks

Date: 09 Dec 2015
Tags: [ Benford ]  [ PHP ]  [ Statistics

In a new talk I’m currently presenting at conferences and meetups, I talk - amongst other things - about Benford’s law. This law states that in natural occurring numbers, the first digit of those numbers will most often start with a 1 (around 30% of the time), and logarithmically drops down to the number 9, which occurs only 5% of the time. This might sound strange: why would a number that starts with 1, (like 1, 16, 152 or even 152533), be more common than 2,25, 266, or even the lesser common 6, 63, 6474 etc? And although there are some explanations, a definitive one still isn’t there.

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