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I'm still fed up and a browser is coming along fine

Date: 16 Dec 2023
Tags: [ rust, programming, browsers

Three months ago, I wrote a small story about being fed up with things and trying to do something about it. Three months in, we’ve got a small community sharing the same goal: let’s try writing a browser.

I'm fed up with it, so I'm writing a browser

Date: 22 Sep 2023
Tags: [ rust, programming, browsers

This blogpost starts with me switching of my car radio, and ends with me writing a browser. There is some stuff in between as well.

A list of 100 opinions I hold

Date: 05 Sep 2022
Tags: [ opinion

“That’s just like, your opinion, man” - the dude

Here’s a list of 100 opinions I hold. These are opinions, not hard facts or truths. There will be many people disagreeing with some of them, maybe even most of them, and there will be very few that will agree with all of them.

A comprehensive list of failed projects

Date: 27 Dec 2021
Tags: [ projects

I’m full of ideas. Most of them are stupid, though. But sometimes, some of these ideas get stuck in my head like an itch I must scratch, and voila: a new side-project is born.

I don’t start projects with a direct goal. Sometimes it’s just to figure out: “how hard could it be” (hint: always), or sometimes: I could get rich with this (hint: never).

Even though I’m making a good amount of money as a freelance consultant, I would love to have a project that I love to work on, which generates money even when I’m not working on it directly. As a freelancer, I can only bill for the hours I make, and typing twice as fast doesn’t reflect in getting paid twice as much.

Because I make good money, I also have the opportunity to take a few months off in a year and focus full time on my side projects. For me, this is also a perfect way to wind down after hectic months of working against deadlines, so it helps me destress, feeds my curiosity, allows me to use new untapped technologies, and maybe make a bit of money.

If we talk about the first few reasons: all my projects succeed, whether I finish them, get bored with them, or find they are not feasible to keep alive. However, making money is much harder to achieve, yet
it is becoming the main reason I want to start a new project.

Let's talk about your privates

Date: 07 Nov 2021
Tags: [ php

In the software development world, there are a lot of debates going on: tabs vs. spaces, vim vs. emacs, Linux vs. mac, and so on. In most, if not all, these debates, there is no clear winner: both sides are equally right (or wrong), and most likely, there is no majority on one side. I, however, am part of a debate on the “losing” side in such that I’m part of the minority. And even though strong opinions are weakly held, after I guess since the launch of PHP 5, my opinion still holds, and I’m talking about your privates…

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