Android App v1.6

Warning: This blogpost has been posted over two years ago. That is a long time in development-world! The story here may not be relevant, complete or secure. Code might not be complete or obsoleted, and even my current vision might have (completely) changed on the subject. So please do read further, but use it with caution.
Posted on 09 Oct 2010
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Today I have pushed the v1.6 release of the Android app to the market. A lot of things has changed, so it probably would have been more suited to rename it to v2.0. Here is a list of changes, plus a simple manual on usage.

What has changed:

  • It is compiled against the android v1.6 SDK.
    Be not confused with the v1.6 version of the application. They are 2 different things. Android phones that still run on the android SDK v1.5 or lower cannot used this new application. I might be able to compile a separate release if people are willing.
  • Implemented gravatars and event logos.
    Event logos and user gravatars are shown. You can set this off in the preference screen if you like.
  • Realtime search in event
    The event tabs have a search-toolbar on the bottom to quickly search specified events.
  • Sorting of evens
    You can sort events on title or date in both ascending and descending order.
  • Favorite list
    You can add events to a favorite list (another tab on the main event page). Done by long clicking on an event and selecting “add to favorite”.



An v1.6.1 update is out. This would take care of proxy-servers that doesn’t like the “Expect: 100-Continue” header during a POST request to the website.


Splash screen
Entering a new comment (and rating)
Overview of all comments and gravatars
Event detail view
Quickfiltering events