Speaking at Loadays and PhpBenelux Meetup

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Posted on 17 Mar 2011
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It’s going to be a few busy weeks for me concerning speaking at conferences and meetups. Not only will I be speaking at the March edition of the phpBenelux meetup, hosted at our Enrise office, but also at the Linux Open Administrator days in Antwerp, Belgium. Here I will be hosting 2 different talks:

Alice & Bob: public key authentication 101

HTTPS, SSL, SSH, PGP are terms most people know that they are somehow related to encryption. But how does it work? During this talk you will find out why even the most complex encryption algorithms used today are based on very simple concepts. We will dive into the basics of public key encryption, how it works and together with some (simple) examples, give you some insight on encryption in general.
And who the heck are Alice and Bob anyway?

Deploying and maintaining software with RPM/APT

Just like any other programmer and/or company, you’ve probably made some in-house tools to make your life easier. But is everybody using the latest version? Are all servers that use your software up-to-date with the latest bugfixes? Do you have to write your own deployment scripts for every tool you make? Linux distributions are using very powerful package systems for deployment of software for many years now and it’s time that developers start using those systems as well. We talk about how to setup up a private repository, how to create RPM files and how incorporate this in your version control system so everything will work automatically. We also will talk about the pro’s and cons of the system, how to work with different package flavors and how we can use the system for other purposes… Both you and your system administrator will become best friends again!