Introducing the REST cookbook

Warning: This blogpost has been posted over two years ago. That is a long time in development-world! The story here may not be relevant, complete or secure. Code might not be complete or obsoleted, and even my current vision might have (completely) changed on the subject. So please do read further, but use it with caution.
Posted on 12 Dec 2012
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One of the many things I do, on pretty much a weekly basis, is answering questions about REST and HTTP. Is this status code correct for X, should I use POST or PUT, is this hateoas enough, how do i handle logins in a RESTful API etc, etc…  This is why I decided to setup a simple website, that pretty much tries to answer any question about REST.  It’s not completed yet.. Actually, it hasn’t got many posts to begin with :), but a start has been made and we will fill it with questions and answers about REST and HTTP issues.

The site, is an opensource website generated through Jekyll, a simple blog generator, so contributing is simply creating a new page (with a question and answer). The more people will contribute, the more we can use the site as the “ultimate” REST resource.