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Apache's fallbackresource: your new .htaccess command

Date: 21 Jan 2012
Tags: [ apache ]  [ rewrite

So probably you are aware I’m currently exploring the deeps on the Apache source internals. One of the discoveries I’ve made was a (for me unknown) command in mod_dir that will make your life a little bit easier: fallbackresource. 


SSL and Virtualhosting

Date: 12 Dec 2010
Tags: [ apache ]  [ sni ]  [ ssl ]  [ tls ]  [ virtualhosting

SSL and virtualhosting on 1 IP address? I can’t be done! Well, this might have been the case a few years ago but times has changed. Let’s explore the possibilites to have multiple hosts running on the same IP address AND all of them have their own separate SSL domain and certificates. It’s possible, but with a few catches..