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Writing a language

Date: 17 Aug 2012
Tags: [ ast ]  [ bison ]  [ flex ]  [ grammar ]  [ lex ]  [ saffire ]  [ yacc

In the last blogpost I was talking about a new language in the making. Unfortunately, writing a complete new language - from scratch - isn’t as easy and takes a fair bit of time. During this development process, I will try and blog a bit on the things we are developing, the problems we are facing and the solutions we are implementing. The current Saffire status: we are able to generate AST tree’s from   Saffire source programs. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, no worries: this blogpost will try and explain it all.


Saffire: A dive into a new language

Date: 04 Aug 2012
Tags: [ bison ]  [ flex ]  [ saffire

Confused by Perl? Bored by Python? Ruby too 2011? What’s the alternative? PHP? Come on!  Well, seek no further since here is the next language for at least the coming decade: Saffire!