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12 tips for securing your linux systems

Date: 05 Jan 2011
Tags: [ linux ]  [ security

From time to time I get amazed how people can setup their production servers. At the smallish development companies there is no real system administrator available to setup the systems and to keep them up to date. Now I’ve seen systems that have been setup ranging from “somebody with sufficient knowledge” to “this-was-setup-by-the-janitor” and everything in between. So, if you are a “programmer who knows a bit about Linux because you’re using Ubuntu”, but you have no real idea on how to SECURELY setup a system, here are some tips.


Passing the LPI-1 and LPI-2 exams

Date: 30 Jun 2010
Tags: [ certification ]  [ linux ]  [ lpi

I’ve just finished my LPI-201 and LPI-202 exams, which you both need in order to receive your LPIC-2 certification. Even though I’ve used Linux professionally since before 1998, I still wasn’t as easy I though it would be (but then again, you shouldn’t take them right after each other). I was kinda hoping that my experience would roll me through the program, and guess what, with some help of some test exams, it did :)