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Shuffling elements in Gatling

Date: 31 Jul 2014
Tags: [ gatling ]  [ performance ]  [ scala ]  [ testing

On a project where I worked alongside @basdenooijer, we needed to do a quick performance-test on a server. Since our shared hatred against (too) complex gui’s, Bas found an awesome cli-tool called gatling. Basically, like ApacheBench but smarter, and like jMeter, only less complex. With the help of simple scala scripts (yes, that’s a first), you can easily program your tests which in our case is a bit more complex than just clicking links on a page.


About using UTF-8 fields in MySQL

Date: 04 Dec 2010
Tags: [ MySQL ]  [ performance ]  [ utf8

I sometimes hear: “make everything utf-8 in your database, and all will be fine”. This so-called advice could not be further from the truth. Indeed, it will take care of internationalization and code-page problems when you use UTF-8, but it comes with a price, which may be too high for you to pay, especially if you have never realized it’s there..