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php 5.4 + htrouter: Your personal Apache 2.2 compatible server

Date: 22 Dec 2011
Tags: [ htrouter ]  [ php5.4 ]  [ webserver

Version 5.4 is soon to be launched as the next new stable release of PHP. Granted, there will not be major changes like we saw in version 5.3, but it will still have some nifty new features. Two of the most important ones: traits and the internal web server. This post is about the latter one. The new web-server makes it possible to run your PHP code through your browser even when you don’t have your own web-server like Apache or nginx installed. It has got some advantages, but this of course has raised some serious discussions: should PHP even be distributed with a web-server and if so, how can we make sure that it won’t be misused as a production server? Well, we really can’t forbid people to (mis)use this, but we hope most of us will use common sense.. The project in this blog-post however, can be considered as “The Enabler”. It can be a powerful tool for developers, but makes it easier for people to misuse the web-server. Time of course, will tell if this will be the case, but I think I’ve created a (simple) tool that will create the new Dr Jeckyl web-server into a Mr Hyde… What could possibly go wrong? :-)