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A comprehensive list of failed projects

Date: 27 Dec 2021
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I’m full of ideas. Most of them are stupid, though. But sometimes, some of these ideas get stuck in my head like an itch I must scratch, and voila: a new side-project is born.

I don’t start projects with a direct goal. Sometimes it’s just to figure out: “how hard could it be” (hint: always), or sometimes: I could get rich with this (hint: never).

Even though I’m making a good amount of money as a freelance consultant, I would love to have a project that I love to work on, which generates money even when I’m not working on it directly. As a freelancer, I can only bill for the hours I make, and typing twice as fast doesn’t reflect in getting paid twice as much.

Because I make good money, I also have the opportunity to take a few months off in a year and focus full time on my side projects. For me, this is also a perfect way to wind down after hectic months of working against deadlines, so it helps me destress, feeds my curiosity, allows me to use new untapped technologies, and maybe make a bit of money.

If we talk about the first few reasons: all my projects succeed, whether I finish them, get bored with them, or find they are not feasible to keep alive. However, making money is much harder to achieve, yet
it is becoming the main reason I want to start a new project.