vagrant-share issues

Posted on 10 Dec 2014
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As a reminder (mostly for myself, but any googlers out there):

After updating Leopard to OSX Mavericks (yes, I know it’s 2014!), i had to reinstall vagrant again. Using the latest version (1.7.0) gave me the following error while running:

/opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/gems/vagrant-share-1.1.2/lib/vagrant-share/activate.rb:8:in 'rescue in <encoded>': vagrant-share can't be installed without vagrant-login (RuntimeError)

Without spending too much time figuring out what’s going on, it seems that there are issues with the new Atlas cloudy thingie from HasiCorp, something which I don’t want to know about, nor even care about. A simple (but radical) solution to actually get vagrant working again, seems to be to delete the vagrant-share gem in /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/gems/vagrant-share-1.1.2.

After this, vagrant stopped complaining, and actually runs nicely again.

Hope this helps somebody (or the future me).