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Speaking on the 4developers conference in Poland

Date: 08 Mar 2011
Tags: [ Android ]  [ conference ]  [ java ]  [ joindin

More good news: I’ve been invited to speak at the 4developers conference on april 4th in warschau, Poland. This time, my talk will be about the android application I’ve written, the connectivity to 3rd party API’s and creating android applications in general. A lot of stuff to cover in a short period of time but it will be an exciting talk so if you are around, come and join the android fun.

Read more... Android App v1.6

Date: 09 Oct 2010
Tags: [ java ]  [ joindin

Today I have pushed the v1.6 release of the Android app to the market. A lot of things has changed, so it probably would have been more suited to rename it to v2.0. Here is a list of changes, plus a simple manual on usage.